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You are just in luck! HeroNet has been sharing their love for Ottawa Internet users since December 2012. The Heroes at HeroNet not only offer Ottawa residents Internet service, but it also includes VoIP telephone services. This and a list of tips and tricks to help you cut the cord and saving on your monthly service fee. We have been competing with evil ISP’s to be the best Internet provider Ottawa!

services offered in for our nations capital.

Unlimited Internet Ottawa

All our cable Internet plans listed below apply to all residents of Ottawa who can access cable Internet services at their home. Every one of our Internet plans comes with unlimited downloads.

Free installation on all Cable “R” plans  | March and April only! 

Here are some of our best and cheap Internet Ottawa!

Ontario 30Mbps Unlimited Cable Internet Rogers Ontario 75Mbps Unlimited Cable Internet Rogers Unlimited Ontario 150Mbps Cable Internet Rogers





DSL high speed Internet Ottawa

Along with cable Internet, we also offer unlimited DSL Internet in our wonderful nation’s capital. No need for the Internet cafe Ottawa. The best Ottawa Internet service is now available at home!

Our most popular DSL Internet packages Ottawa.

6Mbps DSL Internet plan is a basic Internet service for rural Ontario and Quebec 15Mbps DSL Internet plan for Ontario and Quebec. 25Mbps DSL Internet plan for Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto. 50Mbps DSL Internet plan in Ontario and Quebec






We also cater to more than just unlimited Internet, we also offer VoIP home telephone service that easily works with your high speed Internet service.






You are free to use any VoIP services with our Internet plans. However, if you are going to be using VoIP over your Internet service, you will want to make sure of the following:

  • Your upload speeds needs to be more than 1Mbps.
  • If you loose Internet, you will also loose your phone.
  • For homes with alarms, call your security company for compatibility

For those who are not very savvy when it comes to technology. We recommend taking these two services from the same provider. This, in the event that you have a problem. Technicians will be able to look at all aspects of the potential issue since they both work over the Internet.

In conclusion,  all residents of Ottawa on the Ontario side should consider our high speed Ottawa Internet plans. Hence, if you happen to live on the Quebec side in Gatineau and are looking for unlimited Internet, please follow this link!

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