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Hard work and honesty does pay off in the long run! We are very humbled here at HeroNet to received nomination for best Internet service provider of 2017 by the team at

HeroNet has always focused on a “WORM”  (we don’t like the word either..) “Word Of Relevant Mouths” approach to building it’s subscriber base. That is, one subscriber at a time we grew, focusing on the needs of each subscriber. It is our belief that in order to be considered the best Internet service provider, you must be in tune to the needs of many and not just a few.

Our focus has never been to be the “cheapest” Internet provider

Never wanting to compete on rock bottom price wars that many independent service providers take today. HeroNet’s chose a premium route offering more accountable customer service, reliability and accountability. It is because of this that we have been able to investing in the best, most qualified Heroes. Working in ideal conditions from home offices, our Heroes have delivered upon our goals and expectations set out for them.

Good service has never come cheap, but it sure does pays off in the long run!

It is our commitment to our subscribers to continue on this path together and break down the barriers the limit Canadians form achieving Internet freedom. ‘

Here to save the day!

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