transfer for free your cable Internet services from one provider to another


Transfer for free from your current cable ISP!


Did you know that you can now transfer for free away from your current cable Internet service provider to HeroNet for free?

HeroNet has been saving the day for subscribers in Ontario and Quebec for many years. Today, we add another great reason to leave your current service provider. That reason is that it is free! 

All active Internet connection with any cable Internet provider are eligible. 

The main providers on the cable backbone have done one thing much better than our *ahem “friends” over the DSL phone lines. The main providers now work with HeroNet to help you transfer your Internet services from one provider to another and here is a quick checklist on how to do so.

In order to start the process you will need:
  • Sign up for one of our cable Internet plans in Ontario or Quebec
  • Purchase one of our modem (if you are using your own modem please read on)
  • Choose an installation date that is 15 days away
  • Notify your current provider of your cancellation date.

Once these steps above have been complete, the main provider will confirm that cancellation date for your address and confirm the installation date with us. When the address and the dates match, they consider this a transfer of service and we waive the 25$ fee.

Keeping things easy since day one!

With all steps listed above complete, the service will simply transfer for free on the scheduled date and you will need to simply plug in the new modem we send you!

In conclusion, if you plan on using your current existing cable modem, you should contact a Hero to get further details on this procedure as there maybe a few more loops and hoops to jump through.

Here to save the day!

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