Wifi speed; a necessary tool for modern Internet. This text will help you analyze why you are not getting the most out of you Wifi router.One of the most common guilty culprits for bad Internet is your wifi speed or wifi performance. The good news is it can often solved by best practices.

Although wifi is invisible, we can often visualize and apply best practices to insure we are getting the best performance possible out of our devices. We always suggest looking at your homes needs before investing in a wifi solution for your Internet connection. It is sometimes suggested to look into wifi extenders as well if you plan on covering a wide space or getting Internet to a garage, shed or patio for streaming on the go.

“Internet drops when I stream with my Android box”

Many will get really slow Internet when streaming movies. While your Internet speed maybe fine, your router maybe overloaded if you have too many devices connected. We always recommend plugging in your Android box or streaming devices via network cable to reduce your wifi load.

“Internet speed drop in the master bedroom”

We often hear of Internet speed issues linked to certain times of the day, but also certain locations in the home. The issue is caused by the following;  Distance + Physical objects + Interference = Spotty wifi.

Physical objects –
Concrete – Wood – Glass – Metal – Ceramic
Each layer of objects will reduce speeds
Distance –
install the Router in a CENTRALIZED location
The further you get the weaker the signal
Network interference –
Cordless phones – Microwaves – Neighbours wifi
devices using same frequency cause interference


Number of devices
each device connected takes up some wifi strength
invest in a router that meets your household needs

If you are in a current situation where your speeds are slow and you think it is linked to your wifi. Often times your solution may simply lie in purchasing a range extender instead of a whole new device.  The reason there are many different models offering a range in wifi speed is because each home is built unique and not all citizens use the same number of devices.

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