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transfer for free your cable Internet services from one provider to another


Transfer for free from your current cable ISP!


Did you know that you can now transfer for free away from your current cable Internet service provider to HeroNet for free?

HeroNet has been saving the day for subscribers in Ontario and Quebec for many years. Today, we add another great reason to leave your current service provider. That reason is that it is free! 

All active Internet connection with any cable Internet provider are eligible. 

The main providers on the cable backbone have done one thing much better than our *ahem “friends” over the DSL phone lines. The main providers now work with HeroNet to help you transfer your Internet services from one provider to another and here is a quick checklist on how to do so.

In order to start the process you will need:
  • Sign up for one of our cable Internet plans in Ontario or Quebec
  • Purchase one of our modem (if you are using your own modem please read on)
  • Choose an installation date that is 15 days away
  • Notify your current provider of your cancellation date.

Once these steps above have been complete, the main provider will confirm that cancellation date for your address and confirm the installation date with us. When the address and the dates match, they consider this a transfer of service and we waive the 25$ fee.

Keeping things easy since day one!

With all steps listed above complete, the service will simply transfer for free on the scheduled date and you will need to simply plug in the new modem we send you!

In conclusion, if you plan on using your current existing cable modem, you should contact a Hero to get further details on this procedure as there maybe a few more loops and hoops to jump through.

Here to save the day!

Local calling zones

Local calling zones across the world has arrived!


local calling is now a long distance thing but no fee appliesThat time of the year is back and the cold weather is on our doorsteps.

What better way to pass the time by connecting with family and friends abroad and take advantage of our new local calling areas around the world?

While traditional phone companies still charge long distance for calls across Canada, our Digital home phone VoIP subscribers are getting a new feature this month. We have just added hundreds of new area codes from 17 different countries. These calls are now free with the 1000 minute plan!

This means that even from home in Canada, you can call the following area codes as a local call!

Check back as we will continue to add locations over the coming months.


Here to save the day!


86591 | 8620 | 8621 | 86133 | 86131 | 86130 | 86132


57289 | 5726 | 5725 | 5724 | 5723 | 57288


49 |

Hong Kong

8529 | 85217


91562 | 9179| 91171 | 9133 | 9144 | 91422 | 91671 | 91484 | 9126 | 9127 | 9128 | 91361 | 9112 | 9113 | 9140 | 91141 | 91181 | 9148 | 9147 | 9149 | 91522 | 91161 | 9121 | 9125 | 9123 | 9122 | 9111 | 91 | 91612 | 9120 | 9118 | 9116 | 9117 | 91281 | 9146 | 9145 | 9143 | 9142 | 9141








All areas codes


9251 | 923 | 92308 | 92306 | 92303 | 92302 | 92301 | 92300 | 92307 | 92 | 9221 | 9242


507 | 507392 | 5072 | 507390 | 507391 | 507399


All areas codes are included except the following : 63817 | 63916 | 63915 | 63906 | 63905 | 63926 | 63917 | 63927 | 63923 | 63922 | 63918 | 63912 | 63909 | 63910 | 63908 | 6388220 | 6398 | 63929 | 63928 | 63921 | 63920 | 63919 | 639


7812 |


658 | 659 | 65


4610 | 46


All areas codes

United Kingdom

44203 | 44207 | 44208 | 44



Internet outage map

Internet outages are not funInternet outage?

An Internet outage is when the Internet stops working in your home. The issue is normally linked to external sources unrelated to your internal setup. The Internet is a constantly evolving creature, often times outages can be linked to upgrades, or hardware malfunctions.  Another common issues related to Internet outage is Hackers attacking servers that carry the Internet. Recently in October of 2016 servers were attacked that took down major websites such as Facebook, AirBnb and Gmail and in general pocket outages that affect small neighbourhoods related to upgrades are done at times of the day that the least amount of people require the Internet.

Though there are many causes to an Internet outage, 99.9% of ISP’s in Canada use the same backbone to to deliver Internet to our subscribers. This means that when one is affected, most often the others as well. Depending on your backbone or level of service, this can mean that Rogers, Bell, Cogeco or Videotron can and will affect all independent Internet service providers level of service. The good news is that all Internet providers can also boast the same level of up time!

To help you identify if you are in an outage at the moment, or if the problem is only related to you, we have discovered a great website that will help you see outages in your area or around the world via This tool is not only good for Internet service providers, but it also works well for your cell phone provider as well.

Contact us!

We do however encourage you to inform us of an outage in your home by either calling or sending in a email to In the event that your issues is not related to an Internet outage, we must inform the main ISP of potential network issues in or around your home.


Refer a friend.. Get paid!

Tell your friend about HeroNet’s unlimited Internet plans and if they choose to sign up with us, you both get rewarded!

Refer a friend and save on your unlimited Internet

Until now we see that without focusing on traditional marketing to promote our unlimited Internet services, the word of mouth from our subscribers is the most relevant voice of our brand. So we wanted to reward our subscribers for their hard work and bragging rights. From now on, when you refer a friend for one of our unlimited Internet plans, you both get a one time 20$ refund to your method of payment.

To take advantage of this discount, you simply need to tell your friend to add your name to the order notes upon checkout.

This offer is only valid for citizen’s signing up online.

The 20$ will be paid by reimbursement to your method of payment. Both parties will automatically receive the discount 30-60 days after installation. With this good news, we made a love love video to celebrate. Enjoy! 😉


CRTC Survey

The CRTC survey: To better serve Canadians in need of better Internet in Canada.

Keeping in mind that Canadian’s got the CRTC to break up the monopolies and allow for competition.

The CRTC is currently gathering information for an open discussion on the Internet in April 2016. While we feel that urban areas seem to offer speeds that surpass the average household, our rural Canadian’s have sadly been left behind and still buffering along on with DSL options only.

Please take a moment to fill in this CRTC survey to get your opinion out there and be heard!

Helping Canadian’s save the day!



New Chat | Ticket system

We have been searching high and low to find the best chat and ticket system the market had to offer to better serve and keep track of you.

Over the past months, we have been beta testing some new apps, and have decided to move forward with the “LiveChat” platform. LiveChat became our top choice very quickly based on the positive reactions from this exposed to working with it. That and the fact that everyone’s browser now works with the application!

When the chat is offline, the app becomes a ticket system linked to our after hour and on call Heroes. You should expect a reply or update fairly quickly.


You should also start to receive a ticket after placing a support call with one of our Heroes. A synopsis of your problem will arrive via email better allowing us both to stay updated and informed. If you reply to the email, it will automatically be sent to the assigned Hero and added to the ticket log for better tracking.




Citizens Sponsor

Openmedia and HeroNet

Longtime advocators of your rights as a Canadian.

Better Internet for Canadians

As part of our commitment to striving for better Internet for Canadians. Each subscriber at HeroNet is a direct contributor to Openmedia. Together we are here to help this “not for profit” defend your rights as a Canadian.

Accountability for Internet, Telephone and Television

The team at are no rookies when it comes to lobbying our government for more accountability from the big guys. Also, Bell, Rogers, Cogeco, Videotron and Shaw have all had their dreams stomped on due to the team at Openmedia and their support. All in the name of your rights as a consumer. Furthermore, little by little we break down the walls that allow monopolies to rule.. Join us!

If you should wish to know more about and how to access better Internet for Canadians. Check out our dedicated page or click on the links below. If you are already aware of the good work they do, be sure to endorse them by “liking” their Facebook or following their Twitter and Google account. Their Youtube page is also filled with past deliberations and news to better keep you informed of the changes going on in the industry.

Most of all, join HeroNet today and become part of the greater cause. As a result you will help future generations by taking the right step forward today.

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Visit “make the switch” page on to see our partnered ISP’s. While we wish we could take all the credit, we are very happy to see these independent Internet providers fighting our common cause.