Please follow the steps below to properly plug in your cable modem.

Regardless of your modem's make or model - These instructions are universal for cable modems.

(You may click on the image to see them full screen)

modem ethernet
1. Plug your network cable into the back of your modem and plug the other end into your computer or the WAN/Internet port of your wifi router.

Coax plugin
2. Twist your coaxial cable onto the coaxial port

power cable
3. Plug in your power cable, and then plug the power into the wall or powerboat outlet.


4. Once your modem is up and running, please be aware of the follow light activity. 
1st light - Power (should be on and solid)
2nd light - Receive Link (On and solid)
3rd light - Send Link (should be on and solid)
4th light - Online (should be on and solid)
5th light - Link light (will blink intermittently)

If the follow is true, then all should be up and running.

-If your Online light (4th light) is off or blinking, this could be related to a network outage with either, Videotron, Rogers or Cogeco.

-If your Link light (5th light) is not on at all, please check your network cable and insure that your other device is turned on.

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