Internet solutions for rental units and apartment complexes

Recently, HeroNet added to their Internet solutions with a product for Landlords looking to add to their bottom line. This, while increasing services offered to their tenants all without increase of any workload for themselves.

Who is this for?

Do you own a rental unit or apartment complex with more than 2 units?

Are you looking for ways to increase your services and maximize your profitability?

Are you a property management company looking for tools to help run your business? 

If you said yes to any of the above, no time will be wasted reading below!

The plan is simply to offer your tenant top rated high speed Internet service and support. This at a lower cost then if they would purchased it themselves directly from the main providers.

3919newmarch verdun apartment complex total Internet solutions for rental units
The Mahlex group powered by

The idea started in when we paired up with the Mahlex group who was in process over overhauling a rental unit they had recently acquired. They wanted to find a way to offer high speed unlimited Internet solutions as well as home telephone to their tenants at a better rate than if the tenant bought it themself. 

Since most things cost less in bulk, we were able to achieve the following;

  1. Extream high speed Internet for the entire complex
  2. Unlimited Internet usage and downloads for simple billing
  3. Cabled each unit as well as wifi hotspots in the entire building
  4. Included a maintenance, customer and technical support package
  5. Most notable: Profitable in first year!

ubiquiti_UAP-AC-PRO wifi hotspot total Internet solutions for unlimited downloadsThe result:

The landlords were able to achieve a higher return on investment than any maintenance or building modification. Since the Internet is not linked to rental board price increases, it is an added value service added to your portfolio.



  • The cost of implementation is often lower than any major renovation and the marginal increase to your bottom line is much higher.
  • The business model allows for profit in first year of investment.

No more cables defacing the building.

  • One major issue they faced was defacing of their building by wires from Videotron and Bell covering the outside.
  • Each unit now has its own cable running to the service room where our equipment is located.
  • We can often use existing conduit to upgrade any buildings technological infrastructure.

Added services that you can sell to your tenants.

  • Not limited by controlled rental increase limits, the margin after implementation is higher than anything allowable by the rental board.
  • With the importance of Internet today, rental units with this type of Internet is worth more today than one without.
  • Internet access is controlled per unit allowing you to turn service on or off instantaneously depending on vacancy or uncollected funds.

In conclusion, this has been a winning solution for both

The Tenant benefit:

  • Internet is already setup upon moving into their new home
  • No need to coordinate with service providers for access or installation
  • Pay less than they would if they dealt with the big guys directly
  • Get speeds up to 20 times faster for the same or less cost
  • 24 hour technical support offered by
  • Unlimited Canada and US home phone plans
  • A webtool login to manage their devices

In conclusion, creating a win win situation for both our customer and theirs was by far one of our proudest achievements of 2017. It just goes to show that when people band together, better things are achievable. In this case, the tenants benefit from better services at a lower cost and the landlord benefits from high profit and peace of mind.

If you are a landlord or tenant that would like to see this in your building, please send us an email to or simply call us.

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