Cut the cord and access primetime TV, Sports and News for free.

As Heroes, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to impress our friends when it comes time to cut the cord. One little trick we love that always gets praise is when we show them how to make a HDTV antenna and access free TV.

All you need is an old telephone cord, a TV and less than 10 minutes!


Free TV HDTV antenna to cut the cord


HDTV antenna is the one thing we often overlook when it comes time to cut the cord. Plenty of channels and prime time TV with a one time investment are available for truly free TV! 

Homemade HDTV Antenna

In order to make an HDTV antenna for free TV, one would require the following tools.
  • 1 – High Definition TV or HD decoder
  • 2 – Traditional Phone cable (like in the picture)
  • 3 – Pair of Scissors or wire cutters
  • 4 – 10 minutes of your time

Most Noteworthy: This is 100% LEGAL

The following instructions will help you put this together.

  • 1 – With the phone cord in hand, rip or cut one of the plastic connectors off
  • 2 – Use the scissors, remove the plastic wrapping from the copper wire ( 1-2CM )
  • 3 – With fingers, twist the copper wire together to form a point
  • 4 – Stick this twisted point into the cable TV port of your television set
  • 5 – Drape the rest of the phone cord over the back of your TV or pin it to the wall

Thus, you have now connected an HDTV antenna to your TV!

  • 1 – In addition, from your TV, access your TV menu screen
  • 2 – Find your channel search feature and set your TV to “Air” vs “Cable”
  • 3 – Begin channel search and let your TV find you free local channels

In conclusion; Live News, Sports, and Primetime TV at your fingertips! 

We hope this post leads to saving your day!


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Here to save the day!