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Your 25Mbps DSL Internet plan comes with:

  • 25Mbps download
  • 10Mbps upload
  • Unlimited downloads
The greatest requirements of almost all Internet connections these days is without a doubt the ability to stream video. This connection is great for up to four people looking to stream HD quality videos or one Netflix ultra HD / 4k stream. All this if course while browsing or chatting on the web with two to four other devices.

Especially relevant, while popular platforms like Netflix and Youtube say that we require a dedicated 5Mbps of bandwidth to watch HD videos. Keep in mind that the devices we use to stream our favourite TV shows or movies often use what we call “Ghost” Mbps running in the background. The result is that you do not actually get a full 5Mbps for your HD stream. Hence, we often suggest at minimum the 50Mbps connection if you are more than four users and you plan on streaming HD video content with more than 8 devices at one time with your unlimited Internet connection.

In conclusion, the 25Mbps DSL Internet plan is good for your home if you plan on streaming up to Three HD videos at one time and use the Internet as well for emails, Chat, phone, browsing or Internet radio all at the same time on multiple devices.

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