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Unlimited Internet plans as well as home phone bundles. Click on your province below. 

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Unlimited Internet service is our core mission. At HeroNet, we aim to give our subscribers peace of mind at a low monthly cost. No contracts or cancellation fees need ever apply. The service is pay as you go and automatically renews on the last day of each month. Although we cannot guarantee prices, we can proudly say that our existing subscribers have yet to ever have a price increase on their existing unlimited Internet plans.

Unlimited high speed Internet for TV streaming.

 Heroes at HeroNet are armed with an arsenal of solutions just for you!

  • VoIP solutions are cost effective home phones. Makes a great North American long distance solutions. All our plans include the following calling features; voicemail, voice 2 email, caller ID, call waiting and call display.
  • Free to Air HDTV helps cable cutters find live Canadian television content for free. In the best HD quality you have yet to see! It’s free, it’s local and airs your favourite primetime TV shows as well as local and national news.
  • IPTV streaming devices need our unlimited Internet plans to binge watch your favourite streaming services such as Netflix, NHL, Crackle, MLB, USTVNOW and don’t forget the famous Kodi.
  • Hero for Hire is for reliable at home assistance. Our Heroes will help cure any technological woes you may encounter. Our solutions range from home Wifi Internet improvements to virus removal on your PC. Call a Hero today!

We are a proud network member of Openmedia.ca fighting for fair Internet

For the past four years, HeroNet has successfully saved the day for thousands of subscribers. Unlimited Internet, reliability and customer service is how our Heroes defeat evil. We hope that our customer service remains everything that it is said to be and our Internet just as accountable.

We thank you for your years of support.