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We only offer unlimited Internet service plans. As a result we allow a maximum use of your residential Internet services.  In conclusion, it allows for a simplified monthly service fee that remains the same price.. every month!

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VoIP –  Digital home phone

unlimited Canada – 10.88$   |   Unlimited USA + CAnada – 15.88$

VoIP (voice over Internet) digital home phone is providing Canadians countless savings by beating unrealistic “long distance” costs and expensive calling features. Evil service provider’s malpractice has been heroically corrected!


Cut the cable

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Android Box | Free to Air HDTV antenna | Accessories

“Cut the Cable” with help of our cut the cable guide and complimentary product offer. You are just a few clicks away from the technology that will help your stream you favourite TV shows or access free to air live tv.

Canadians cutting the cable are on trend to be cable cutters

Common Questions

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Below, you will find the most popular questions asked when considering a new Internet service provider. We cover the essentials like; What speed you need, Do you require unlimited downloads, Wifi and your home, VoIP perks and how to cut the cable.  Especially relevant for citizens who wish to liberate themselves from marketing noise.

Find the right Internet speed plan for your home usage. unlimited Internet means you can download all you like, but the right Internet speed will insure you can do all you want to do at one time. Do you need unlimited Internet? Most people who watch more than 1 hour a day of television in HD or higher resolution require unlimited Internet. Read below and you be the judge. Wifi speed; a necessary tool for modern Internet. This text will help you analyze why you are not getting the most out of you Wifi router. Digital home phone is not for everybody, but it could be for you! Unlimited calling in Canada, US and the world can be at your disposal with a few quick tips. Cut the cable and become the trending cable cutter. Save thousands per year on Television cost and watch better TV.
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More than just an unlimited Internet service provider. Join HeroNet and consequently become part of something bigger. As a result, more privileges for our citizens and most of all your Internet rights.

Unlimited internet, proper HDTV, clean VoIP as well as realistic cell phone practices are simple sense at openmedia.ca