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Gatineau Internet providers with unlimited downloads, DSL and VoIPHeroNet was originally founded by a citizen who grew up in the city of Gatineau. While the company started selling unlimited Internet services in Montreal first, the very next territory to be opened had to be home. Our product offer not only includes Internet service, but it also includes VoIP digital home telephone services as well as a list of tips and tricks to help you be a successful cord cutter. We compete with the best Gatineau Internet providers to be the best!

services offered in the city of Gatineau.

Unlimited Internet serviceInternet Gatineau

Click here to see all of our cable Internet plans or look below for our most popular Internet plans in the region. All plans apply to all residents living in areas where cable services are available.

This means our Internet service is available to almost everyone living in cities like Montreal, Laval, Gatineau, Trois-Rivière, Québec city, Saint-Jérome, Sherbrooke and more.

Any home that has access to cable services will have access to our unlimited Internet service.

Our most popular unlimited Internet plans in Gatineau:


Quebec 10Mbps Cable unlimited Internet planOntario 30Mbps unlimited cable Internet plan RogersQuebec 60Mbps Unlimited Cable Internet plan in Montreal, Laval, Gatineau, Quebec city, Sherbrooke and Trois Riviere.







Along with cable Internet service, we also offer DSL Internet service to truly compete with the other Gatineau Internet providers.  For this service, we often recommend filling in an availability request form to know exactly what speed is available at your home. If Cable Internet is available, then all speeds are generally available. On DSL Internet service, while it is generally available, the maximum speed per household can vary.

Our most popular high speed DSL services in the area.

6Mbps DSL Internet plan is a basic Internet service for rural Ontario and Quebec 15Mbps DSL Internet plan for Ontario and Quebec. 25Mbps DSL Internet plan for Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto. 50Mbps DSL Internet plan in Ontario and Quebec





VoIP Service

As well as unlimited Internet, we also offer VoIP home telephone service that easily works with your Internet service.






Internet Support

At last, servicing and supporting the great citizens of Gatineau has been an epic adventure for us until now. Today, our reach is national and it is with the help of our loyal citizens in Gatineau and Montreal  that we can do so. We wish you prosperity and good health to all loved ones.


Gatineau Internet Referrals

Now that you have found the best in Gatineau Internet providers, here are a couple links that can offer additional support around the city of Gatineau.

Spark Computers

If you are not yet already a loyal customer, you have definitely driven by it for years. Across the street from the main Aylmer mall between the glenwood plaza and Dairy Queen mall. Located in the Marty Waite building lies great customer service and reliable support at Spark computers. A simple search on your google maps will bring it up right away, as well as some google reviews to instill a little confidence.

Here are a few of their services offered on site.

  • Laptop and Desktop repair
  • Training (Online and Application support)
  • Web design and graphics
  • Virus removal
  • Gaming solutions

Spark computers is also a great place to stop into if you are looking for any equipment that you wish to use with HeroNet’s unlimited Internet service. Spark also sells many supported models of hardware including modems and wifi routers. In conclusion, the team at Spark Computers can easily work with the Heroes at HeroNet to troubleshoot any of your devices that may require setup after purchase.

We look forward to saving your day!


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Best unlimited Internet provider in Gatineau

Recently HeroNet has been awarded the title of best Internet service provider of 2017 by Our Heroic customer service approach and no hidden cost when it comes to your Internet service is our Caramilk secret. Thank you again to all of our unlimited Internet and VoIP subscribers for your continued support. We also look forward to “saving the day”” offering Gatineau unlimited Internet service for years to come.

We hope this page serves useful and we look forward to saving your day!