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Oshawa Internet service providers with unlimited downloads and VoIPHeroNet has been providing the residents of Oshawa with unlimited Internet services since 2012. Our product offer not only includes unlimited Internet service, but it also includes VoIP home telephone services as well as a list of tips and tricks to help you cut the cord. We compete with the best Oshawa Internet service providers to be the best!

services offered in the city of Oshawa.


All our cable Internet plans listed below apply to all residents who can access cable Internet services at their home.

Free transfer from any Cable provider on all Cable “R” plans

Ontario 30Mbps Unlimited Cable Internet Rogers Ontario 75Mbps Unlimited Cable Internet Rogers Unlimited Ontario 150Mbps Cable Internet Rogers

Along with cable Internet, we also offer DSL Internet service in the city of Oshawa!

6Mbps DSL Internet plan is a basic Internet service for rural Ontario and Quebec 15Mbps DSL Internet plan for Ontario and Quebec. 25Mbps DSL Internet plan for Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto. 50Mbps DSL Internet plan in Ontario and Quebec


As well as unlimited Internet, we also offer VoIP home telephone service that easily works with your Internet service.


Last, now that you have found the best in Oshawa Internet service providers, if you are now in need of added support for all your technological requirements. We recommend a company that has been servicing Oshawa even longer than we have!

AML Computer support

AML computers has been in the Oshawa area since 1996. Their reputation over the years has earned them a household name amongst residents for their loyalty.

Their services include:

Laptop and Desktop repair

Training (Online and Application support)

Web design and graphics

Virus removal

Windows upgrades and maintenance

Gaming solutions

AML computers is also a great place to stop into if you are looking for any equipment that you wish to use with HeroNet’s Internet service. AML sells all models of TP-Link hardware including modems and wifi routers. Hence, the team at AML are also there to work with HeroNet in case you should need help to configure your new device to work with our service. Also a great place for any upgrades to your existing products.

We hope this page serves useful and we look forward to saving your day!


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