Easy Checkout

For years, HeroNet has relied solely on Paypal subscriptions to enable payment automation for our subscribers, but we sometimes fell upon some citizens who did not wish to sign up for a PayPal account.

Today we have implemented our first new payment method that will allow for direct checkout of our online store using  your Credit card or Visa Debit. Now you can avoid signing up for a Paypal account in order to get your service at HeroNet.

While Paypal is still our favourite way to make and receive transitions, we understand that this feature did not cater to everyone.

Your wishes are always our command at HeroNet.ca


CRTC Survey

The CRTC survey: To better serve Canadians in need of better Internet in Canada.

Keeping in mind that Canadian’s got the CRTC to break up the monopolies and allow for competition.

The CRTC is currently gathering information for an open discussion on the Internet in April 2016. While we feel that urban areas seem to offer speeds that surpass the average household, our rural Canadian’s have sadly been left behind and still buffering along on with DSL options only.

Please take a moment to fill in this CRTC survey to get your opinion out there and be heard!

Helping Canadian’s save the day!




Sweet Math, November 15th 2013

One cold day in November, we were introduced to a wonderful young man by the name of Patrick Poirier. In 10 minutes, with bleeding passion for what he does, Patrick explained to us his latest project entitled “Sweet Math”.

His most recent app in development was to take the addictive nature of Candy Crush and clash it with the ability to learn mathematics. Getting kids to learn in the manner is like slipping a piece of broccoli past them when they least expect it. We are sure to see their competitive natures explode as they compete against their friends for high scores. One better is that parents and teachers can pre-program lessons based on the academic level.

At final hour, we stepped in to insure that this project will soon see the light of day.

Here to save the day!


Giving back in December 2013

Homeless activationHERO101

While in search of a project we could support over the holiday season, we stumbled upon a grassroots project here in Montreal collecting money to create street survival bags to donate to the cities homeless.

With the support of some great Montrealers and some Heroes over at HeroNet, we were able to hand out over 65 of these bags. We are pleased to announce that they were plenty thankful and we are happy to dedicate these thanks to your continued support for our service.

Here to save the day, together!