Tell your friend about HeroNet’s unlimited Internet plans and if they choose to sign up with us, you both get rewarded!

Refer a friend and save on your unlimited Internet

Until now we see that without focusing on traditional marketing to promote our unlimited Internet services, the word of mouth from our subscribers is the most relevant voice of our brand. So we wanted to reward our subscribers for their hard work and bragging rights. From now on, when you refer a friend for one of our unlimited Internet plans, you both get a one time 20$ refund to your method of payment.

To take advantage of this discount, you simply need to tell your friend to add your name to the order notes upon checkout.

This offer is only valid for citizen’s signing up online.

The 20$ will be paid by reimbursement to your method of payment. Both parties will automatically receive the discount 30-60 days after installation. With this good news, we made a love love video to celebrate. Enjoy! 😉

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