15Mbps down / 512Kbps up

From: $38.88 / month

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Here are your installation options.

Modem Option

The Motorola SB6141 is now available as a free rental with a deposit of 50$.

Router Wifi Options

To enable Wifi, you will need to own your own Wifi router. You may also provide your own!

Digital Home Phone

Here you can bundle our most popular Digital home phone plans.



Looking for the best Internet service?

For users looking for the best Internet service using the cable lines in British Columbia and Alberta. With 15Mbps of download speed, you can watch HD video on popular platforms like Netflix, Youtube and Android boxes. Sending and receiving emails is a breeze. Chatting over Facebook is not a problem either. Video chat over Skype will also be in HD. Performing google searches and listening to Internet radio will be without problem. When your Internet needs increase over time, you will be able to take advantage of a free speed upgrade, but you should know that they are officially 25$ after that. This plan is our best Internet service options for citizens doing minimal things with their Internet usage, but want to stream TV as well on one device.

We will confirm your installation date 24-48 hours after receiving your order.

All orders are submitted to Videotron for installation. Regardless of the service provider you choose, Videotron is the only company allowed to connect customer to cable line.

Added fee’s you should know about for the future. 

A moving fee is 50$ – A speed change fee is 25$ – A Modem swap is 15$

The moving fee is applicable if you are physically changing locations. A speed change fee is if you remain at the same location but need faster service. The modem swap ever you want to upgrade or switch your modem. We cannot guarantee pricing due to government interventions and wholesale agreements. Until now, subscribers have never received a price increase on their fast unlimited Internet plan at HeroNet. In fact, just recently many have received a lower monthly service fee with recent changes to the CRTC in December 2016. 

Transferring to HeroNet from another cable Internet provider?

To do a successful transfer of service, Shaw requires 15 days notice from your old provider and the same from us. Once we provide an installation request on the same date, at the same address as your cancellation request, Shaw will consider this a transfer of service and no technician will need to visit your home. Two things that are very important; Your current service must still be active with your old provider. In most cases we can also use your current high speed modem. 

If we are unable to install the service?

If you are not satisfied in the first 30 days, we will provide a full money back guarantee. You will need to keep all your boxes and packaging in order to get a refund for your devices. All devices must still appear to still be new. You will be subject to a restocking fee of up to 50% of the value of the device if you no longer have the original packaging.

HeroNet provides strictly unlimited Internet, there is no contract or cancelation fee and the service is considered pay as your go. 

This Internet package applies to all urban areas of the province of British Colombia and Alberta that is serviced by Shaw’s cable backbone.

We service all urban centres and suburbs of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and much more!

Additional information

Installation options

Installation, Transfer of service

Modem Option

Weight .40 kg
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 5 cm

Router Wifi Options

Weight .50 kg
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 5 cm

Digital Home Phone

Choose your plan

1000 minutes, Canada Unlimited, Canada/USA Unlimited


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