Saint Jerome unlimited high speed Internet provider

Saint Jerome unlimited high speed Internet plans over cable and DSL.

For the city of Saint-Jerome, Saint-Colomban and Mirabel we offer Cable Internet plans via the Videotron cable lines. We also offer DSL high speed Internet service over the Bell network. For cord cutters that required an unlimited Internet service provider, look no further than HeroNet!

Unlimited downloads. No contracts. No cancellation fee. The service is a prepaid service and requires no credit check, just a credit card, paypal or any debit card with a Visa or Mastercard symbol.


Unlimited Internet plans

HeroNet has simplified billing and accountable tech support, hence our “set it and forget” it policy. Saint-Jerome residents will be very happy with their unlimited Internet service plans and peace of mind. 

Call now, our Heroes are here to save the day!   

Unlimited high speed Internet plan

Almost all the Saint-Jerome and surrounding area residents have both DSL and Cable Internet to choose from. Hence, as many as 12 different Internet plans.
  • Always buy your Internet based on math.
  • Be smart about your wifi solution to stream video without issue.
  • Cable Internet service is our most reliable service in Canada.
  • DSL high speed Internet plans have a great price point.
  • VoIP makes for a great home phone solution.

Most Noteworthy: Internet plan all come with unlimited download. 


In conclusion, Saint Jerome unlimited high speed Internet plans are available. This also includes; Saint Colomban, Mirabel and Prevost. When it comes to high speed Internet and accountable customer service, HeroNet makes it our number one priority. If you need to speak to a Hero about getting yourself an unlimited high speed Internet plan, call 1.800.851.4376. As a result, we will help make HeroNet your Internet service provider.

If you need to get yourself a home phone plan, you will be presented bundle options after choosing your Internet service plans.

Here to save the day!