The official Cable Cutters guide to savings.

The official Cable Cutters Guide

HDTV streaming or watching Free to Air HDTV from an Antenna has now become one of the fastest growing trends in the TV and internet service market today. The term “Cable Cutters” is given to those who see the light and cut their cable subscriptions. For you we have created a cable cutters guide to help you better understand your options. Follow the tips below to help you boost your Television experience! Our Heroes will gladly help walk or talk you through it. Take advantage of our Hero4Hire service if you are not a “do it yourself” type.

Read below, then follow links to know how..

  • TV Fool; This website will tell you what channels are available to you.
  • Digital Trends; A review on indoor antennas. Aesthetics to performance!
  • Silicondust; in combination with HDTV antenna, make HDTV streaming available on your home network.
  • Skreens TV is a great upcoming device that will allow you to customize your own TV experience.

HDTV Streaming information

  • USTVnow; 2.99$ per day / 19.99$ a month, US TV for those who want it. Great with unlimited internet service
  • Netflix; Follow this link for a free trial to Netflix HDTV unlimited streaming the over internet.
  • Cablecutter; This website offer a service for grouping top streaming links in Canada
  • DNS routing; Dream of living free? Unblock US services will help you with Geo unlocking your unlimited internet.
  • SquidTV; Canadian and International streaming TV guide.

General Knowledge

  • Patrick O’Rourke; How to cut the cable and still watch premium content over unlimited internet services.
  • PlayBack; Did they say PayBack?
  • is a place to see that you are not alone. 😉


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