Cable 40Mbps

From: $55.00 / month


40Mbps download | 10Mbps upload

Unlimited downloads

You can choose from a new installation or a transfer of service if you are coming to us from another cable Internet provider.

Here you can choose your modem option. Note this modem does not have wifi built in.

In order to access Wifi, you will need a Wifi Router. If you do not own one, you can select one from our choices below.

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The greatest requirements of almost all Internet connections these days is without a doubt the ability to stream video. This connection is great for up to 4 people streaming HD quality videos or 1 Netflix ultra HD / 4k video streams. All this of this while browsing or chatting on the web with two to four other devices.

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Installation, Transfer of Service

40Mbps download | 10Mbps upload

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