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DSL Internet service in Quebec

Welcome to our DSL unlimited Internet service in Quebec.

You may click on any of the Internet plans below to explore purchase options and all associated cost.. they are all unlimited downloads!

DSL basic Internet plan

DSL Internet plan

DSL and FTTN Internet service in Ontario

Internet service provider in Ontario

The speed change fee, moving fee is 99$, but we pay 50% the first time you request one. Therefore your first speed change on this service would cost 50$.

Unlimited Internet plans | Contract Free | No Cancellations Fee

By clicking on one of the DSL/FTTN unlimited Internet service in Quebec, you will be presented a series of purchase options, including Digital home phone bundles. Ultimately, our aim is to help you create a “set it and forget it” subscription that you can budget and count on not changing from month to month.

If you happen to own your own equipment, you are free to use it!

If your home currently has an active cable Internet plan, you maybe subject to a transfer of service instead of an installation. Not only will this reduce your up front cost, but normally no technician needs to visit.

Proudly saving the day in all urban areas of Quebec that can access DSL, ADLS, VDSL over FTTN backbones for more than 4 years with our Heroic approach to customer services and support.

If you are not sure what services your home is equipped for, click on the button below to check available Quebec unlimited Internet plans in your area.


You should get a reply within 2 to 24 hours.

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