Endorsement Badge_200x200_131029(1) has long been an advocate of unlimited internet services for Canadians. Today, every subscriber of our unlimited internet plans is a direct contributor via indirect donations to so that they may continue to Save the day in a big way.  We have committed to donating a set monthly amount based on the amount of unlimited internet plans we have going. The more we grow, the more funding they will have to do the things we all need done.

All employees and the founders at are top ranked in the Heroes Hall of Fame. With their dedication and sacrifice over the past years, we have seen monumental changes to the way Canadians interact with their cable service providers, cell phone companies as well as your internet service providers like HeroNet. With their ability to rally Canadians behind them, you can rest assured that they have your back. If you would like to donate to their not for profit cause or simply read up on the great things they are doing, simply follow the links below!

Join their fight along with us and be notified of all current events that affect you and yours.

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