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Internet service provider at your service! Our Heroes’ mission is to give our citizens honesty and accountability when it comes to your services. Our services are considered “pay as you go” so no contracts or cancellation fees.

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For more than 5 years, HeroNet has been successfully saving the day for thousands of citizens across Canada. If you have never heard of us, it is because we do not advertise. Our sole means of connecting with our citizens have been through positive ratings and friendly referrals. When you place a call, your phone number will automatically be routed to the same two or three Heroes in charge of your neighbourhood! This process has insured our citizens the most accountable customer service and support in Canada according to customer reviews left on websites like CanadianISP.ca and GoneVoIP.ca

IPTV streaming devices paired with unlimited Internet plans will help you binge watch your favourite TV shows. The most popular places to stream your favourite television is still Netflix, NHL, Crackle, MLB, USTVNOW and never forget Kodi! We also offer Free to Air HDTV antennas for cable cutters.

Our VoIP solutions are very cost effective home phones. Kiss “long distance” across Canada and the U.S. goodbye!

Proud network member of Openmedia.ca fighting for fair Internet!

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