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Citizens Sponsor Openmedia.ca

Openmedia.ca and HeroNet are Here to save the day!

Openmedia and HeroNet

Longtime advocators of better Internet for Canadians.

As part of our commitment to Canadian citizens, each subscriber at HeroNet now contributes directly to our donor campaign. Together we are helping this not for profit organization defend your rights when it comes to accountable practices with Canadian Internet, Telephone and Television services. 

The team at Openmedia.ca are no rookie when it comes to lobbying our government for more accountability from the big guys (Bell, Rogers, Cogeco, Videotron and Shaw) by breaking down the walls that allow monopolies to rule. When viewing all your options, be sure to think of Steve and his crew for helping have paved the way for many independent service providers.

If you should wish to know more about Openmedia.ca, you may click on the links below that will take you to their website. If you are already aware of the good work they do, you may endorse them by liking their Facebook or following their Twitter or Google account. Their Youtube page is also filled with past deliberations and fun infotainment to better keep you informed of the changes going on around us.

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Visit “make the switch” page on Openmedia.ca to see our partnered ISP’s.

Openmedia.ca and Unlimited Internet service provider HeroNet.ca

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