DSL / VDSL Internet

 Here you will find all of our DSL Internet plans
A few quick things to consider when purchasing Internet service from HeroNet.ca
  • There is no dry loop fee on the 15, 25 and 50Mbps plans.
  • The Modem is a free rental for the 15, 25, and 50Mbps plans.
  • Installation is free for the month of June.
  • DSL Internet is the original “high speed” Internet service.
  • DSL – ADSL – FTTN are all a variance of Internet running over the phone lines.
  • If you are currently a subscriber of DSL services, you can surely use your existing modem.
  • If you currently have FTTH (Fiber to the home) we consider looking at our Cable Internet plans.
  • There are no Dry Loop fees for all plans that are 15Mbps and over.
If you want to know the difference between:

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