Internet plans in BC and Alberta

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Best Internet service in British Colombian and Alberta

Fast unlimited Internet plan for homes in BC and Alberta

Fastest Internet service in BC and Alberta

best unlimited Internet plan in BC and Alberta for home use

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  These Internet plans cover all areas of BC and Alberta

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BC and Alberta Internet plans | Contract Free | No Cancellations Fee

Here is our section of Western Canadian Internet plans. By clicking on one of the unlimited Internet plans above, you will be presented a series of purchase options. Digital home phone bundles are also located in each plan. The modem is now available as a free rental with a 50$ deposit. We aim is to help you create a “set it and forget it” subscription that you can budget for months to come. While we cannot guarantee pricing, they have only ever gone down!

If you happen to own your own equipment, you are free to use it!

We approve the: Motorola SB6141

Transferring to HeroNet from another cable Internet provider?

To do a successful transfer of service, Shaw requires 15 days notice from your old provider and the same from us. Once we provide an installation request on the same date, at the same address as your cancellation request, Shaw will consider this a transfer of service and no technician will need to visit your home. Two things that are very important; Your current service must still be active with your old provider. In most cases we can also use your current high speed modem from your current provider. 

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