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Then you are in luck! HeroNet was originally founded in Montreal. We have been saving the day for the residents of this wonderful city with unlimited Internet since 2012. Our product offer includes unlimited Internet service as well as VoIP home telephone service. We also have a portal for helping Montrealers watch free TV or better understanding how to cut the cable.

We compete with the best Montreal Internet service providers to be the best and most Heroic in the unlimited Internet and customer service sector.

Internet services offered in the city of Montreal

Unlimited Internet serviceUnlimited Internet Montreal

While most users use the Internet for streaming HD video, the math when using Netflix of Youtube as a reference is that you need 7-10Mbps per user streaming HD. If you are streaming 4K video, then you should consider 30Mbps per viewer. Hence, if your home has 3 people actively streaming video or gaming at one time, you will want to consider 21-30Mbps at minimum.


Our most popular cable Internet plans in Montreal:

Click on this link to see all of our Cable Internet Quebec plans or look below for our most popular subscriptions. All of our cable Internet plans apply to all residents residing in areas of service by the Quebec cable grid. As a bonus, you may also transfer for free if you currently have an active cable Internet service in your Quebec residence.

Quebec 10Mbps Cable unlimited Internet plan

Ontario 30Mbps unlimited cable Internet plan RogersQuebec 60Mbps Unlimited Cable Internet plan






DSL Internet plans in Montreal

To see all of our DSL plans for the city of Montreal click here. With the DSL service, we often recommend filling in an availability request form to know exactly what speed is available to your home. Our High speed DSL service in Montreal generally available throughout the island Montreal and surrounding urban areas. Below you can see our most popular subscriptions for this service.

6Mbps DSL Internet plan is a basic Internet service for rural Ontario and Quebec 15Mbps DSL Internet plan for Ontario and Quebec. 25Mbps DSL Internet plan for Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto. 50Mbps DSL Internet plan in Ontario and Quebec





VoIP Home Phone

Along with our Internet services, we also offer VoIP service that easily works with your unlimited Internet subscriptions. You can bundle any Internet service with telephone service within the ordering process!






Internet Support

Servicing and supporting the great citizens of Montreal has been a daily pleasure for us Heroes. Today, because of your loyalty, our reach is national and we will only continue to do so. We wish you prosperity and good health to all loved ones. Work hard, play harder!


We hope this page serves useful and we look forward to saving your day!