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Limestone City (know for it’s 19th century architecture) is not only home to Queens university and our favorite childhood memories of Old Fort Henry. Kingston is also a great city boasting with local entrepreneurs, that create that big city feel within a relatively small population. HeroNet has been offering the residents of Kingston with high speed unlimited Internet services for more than 7 years now. Our product offer includes everything from basic DSL service to high speed cable Internet service. To compliment our resident’s Internet connections, we also offer an easy to use and feature packed home telephone service that runs over VoIP.

Internet plans for the city of Kingston

Unlimited Internet serviceUnlimited Kingston Internet

Scroll down to see all of our Kingston Internet services using the cable Internet backbone. All the cable plans you will see below apply to all residents living in areas where this service is available.

As Cogeco is the main provider in this area, HeroNet, like all independent service providers use the Cogeco cable lines in this area to deliver our Internet services.

Rule of thumb, any home that has access to cable internet will have access to our cable Internet.


Our most popular cable Internet plans in Kingston:

15Mbps unlimited Internet plan over cable service40Mbps cable Internet service60Mbps cable Internet service is for Gamers and streamers



DSL Internet

We also offer DSL Internet services in the Kingston area, but these speeds are very limited. This is the original high speed Internet running over the Bell phone lines, the Fiber is currently being rolled out in many areas to update this service. We often recommend filling in an availability request form to know exactly what speed is available at your home.

Our best DSL Broadband internet plans are:

6Mbps DSL Internet plan is a basic Internet service for rural Ontario and Quebec 15Mbps DSL Internet plan for Ontario and Quebec.





VoIP Home Phone

Along with our Internet services, we Heroically save the day with a VoIP service that compliments our Internet service. Start by shopping for your Internet service in order to bundle any of these VoIP options. Most noteworthy, note that the cost is also lowered for many of these plans when bundled with out unlimited Internet!






Internet Support

Supporting the great citizens of Kingston with our Heroic approach to customer service has been a daily pleasure for the Heroes at HeroNet. Because of your loyalty, our reach is now almost at a national level and our customer service is the envy of many Internet providers. We wish you prosperity and good health to all loved ones.

HeroNet, the best place to get your Internet in Kingston.

recent update

Best Internet service provider 2017

GoneVoIP.ca has recently awarded the title of best Internet service provider of 2017 to HeroNet.ca. Our Heroic customer service approach and no hidden cost when it comes to your Internet service is our only secret. In conclusion, we can only thank you again. To all of our Internet and VoIP subscribers for your continued support, we salute you! Join us as we take on the big guys and donate on your behalf to OpenMedia.ca to insure that our Internet future is safe and cost effective.

We also hope this page serves useful and we look forward to saving your day!


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