June 6th 2018 10:37PM *** Outage on DSL / FTTN backbone resolved. 

The radius server had gone down but is back up again. All should be back online. If not, please power cycle your modem.

June 6th 2018 8:42PM *** Outage on DSL / FTTN backbone.

Modems not authenticating. Our super Heroes have been made aware and are working to resolve the issue with Bell. No ETA yet, but as always with any outage, it remains our top priority. – More news to come! 

Outages are never fun!

We have put this link provided by CanadianOutages.com to help our citizens identify if there is an outage in your area.

In Canada, 99% of independent ISP’s including HeroNet rely on the stability of the Rogers, Cogeco, Bell, Videotron and Shaw backbones. Their lines ability to deliver our Internet service to our citizens. Sometimes these lines can have issues or outages that must be rectified by the major ISP. An outage can be anything from a Hack attack on servers to an accident affecting the lines on telephone poles.

To identify if there is currently a major outage in your area, please follow the following links provided below.

For all FTTN/DSL subscribers in Ontario and Quebec use the Bell backbone. please follow this link or Live map


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If you are using Cable “C” on the Cogeco backbone, please follow this link or Live map
If you are using Cable “R” on the Rogers backbone, please follow this link or Live map
If you are using Cable in the province of Quebec, it’s the Videotron backbone. please follow this link or Live map


If you are on the Cable backbone;

  • the first thing we always suggest in an outage is to power down both your modem and router.
  • proceed to power up your modem and wait for the first 4 lights to become solid.
  • once the first 4 lights are solid, you may proceed to turning on your router.


If you are on the DSL/FTTN backbone;

  • a simple power cycle of your modem


Regardless of where the issues is coming from, we also suggest communicating this information to us. This way we may follow up with the major service providers or internally to insure that your issues are solved in a timely manner.

Follow this link to open a ticket, or you may call at one of the numbers listed below!

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