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Get the most honest and relevant reviews to HeroNet's Internet services via the Canadian ISP community.

Highest customer satisfaction on CanadianISP.

When it comes to reviewing our unlimited Internet services, we chose to only lean on a completely independent entity. Focused on giving Canadian’s choice and honesty when seeking a service provider, CanadianISP is your best reference.

At, we have some fierce competition in the Internet field. So we feel we should be forthcoming about our goals and aspirations. It should be known that our main goal is to be recognized as the the Internet service provider with the best customer service. This means a completely honest approach to our subscriber’s wants and needs. One main feature we like to boast is that we try to route all calls back to the same heroes. This, so you are no longer a number. Instead, you are on a first name basis with our Heroes! The other biggest way we like to interpret customer service is by never being too committed to the black and white. Heroes strive in the grey zone, working with the general understanding that one’s requirements are not the same as the next.

CanadianISP has given Canadian’s the ability to choose and highlight the good, the bad and the ugly with a simple ratings and reviews system of +1 (good), 0 (neutral), -1 (bad) as well as a place to leave a comment.  This initiative alone has helped millions find solutions that outperform Bell, Cogeco, Videotron or Rogers customer service practices. The founder, architect and Hero that built this very simple, yet extremely effective masterpiece is none other than Mr. Marc Bissonnette.

With the cable cutting trends rapidly gaining pace, we hope you will find out unlimited services are considered to be some of the best. As the masses continue to shift towards more accountable internet solutions, we look no further than CanadianISP ratings and approvals to help you find us!

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Get the most honest and relevant reviews to HeroNet's Internet services via the CanadianISP community.

Our Heroes are located throughout Ontario and Quebec in home offices near you.

Our Heroes are hired by geolocating the cities where we have the highest amount of subscribers. We not only believe that local Heroes understand their neighbours best. We also believe in driving micro economy and we hope that your local Hero is a customer too.

Best ISP in Canada, serving Ontario and Quebec with offices in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Brampton and Gatineau. Your best solution for unlimited high speed internet is Here to save the day!

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