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Where you able to do all you came to do today in our customer portal. Please be sure to open a ticket with the tab located below. Let our billing or technical department know about your issue and as a result we will get to saving your day!

Unlimited Internet 

HeroNet is a Canadian Internet service provider. We are located in Montreal, Ottawa, Gatineau and also Toronto. We offer unlimited Internet plans to all areas of Ontario and Quebec that have access to high speed DSL or Cable Internet service. Hence, our customer service Heroes work from home offices located in Canada. Our Heroes work with the same customer pools to insure that you are no longer a number at HeroNet. Note that you are also served by the same two to three Heroes everytime you call.


If you are looking for more tools related to your VoIP services, please be sure to login into the VoIP customer portal. From here you will be able to access call forwarding features as well as order new numbers and modify your voicemail. You may also use this portal to add calling time to your International minutes. Keep in mind that we have more than 17 countries where calls are local. Hence if you wish to call outside of this zone, you will need to add minutes to your portal.

Cut the cable

For anything related to cutting the cable, our technical support department will be your best help. They are here to help you cut the cord and live independent of high cost monthly subscription services. With your unlimited Internet service, accessing geat TV content is easy.

Please note that as Internet service providers, we offer unlimited Internet anywhere the main providers offer their services. As independent Internet providers, we lease the lines from the big guys. Until now, no independent provider in Canada has their own highly developed network.

Our unlimited Internet service in Montreal can also be acquired by living in some of our partnered rental unit projects.