Is VOIP digital home phone the right thing for me?


We are often asked if the VoIP digital home phone solution is a good alternate option to their traditional landline telephone and the answer is not always so obvious.

As a result, we have created the document below.

The “Yes” factors explained –


  • The biggest change is your monthly fee.
    • Subscribers with landline telephones traditional have monthly costs exceeding 50$ or more.
    • VoIP solutions cost less than 15$ a month. 

Long distance

  • VoIP defies the laws of distance so long distance becomes a thing of the past for most users. 
    • Big telco’s still charge for long distance within Canadian cities. 
    • VoIP providers often provide the same calling rate coast to coast.

Calling features

  • Features included with VoIP home phones
    • Caller ID, Call waiting, Call display, Voicemail are included
    • Big guys still like to nickel and dime for these costless services


The “No” Factors explained –


  • If I loose my Internet, will I loose my phone as well? 
    • Yes, If the Internet was to stop working, as would your phone.
  • Does the quality of the call sound just as good as a landline?
    • Yes, the sound quality is just as good if not better
      • Some VoIP provider use “value” lines vs. “premium lines” and as a result can be known to reduce the sounds quality. We only use premium!


  • Can I plug my phone into any phone jack in my house? 
    • No, VoIP home telephone services come with an ATA device that plugs into your wifi router, you then plug your phone system into it. 
      • The best phone systems are the cordless phones with multiple bases controlled by one access point plugged into a phone jack.
    • Yes, when you manually remove your internal phone system from the Bell feed outside you home and plug the ATA device into any phone jack
      • This will activate all the other phone jacks, however the process is not supported by ATA manufacturers.


  • Will my Alarm still continue to work and relay with the central?
    • No, if you have an alarm system that runs over your home phone line.
      • The alarm system is not accessible way to plug into your ATA device.
      • Older alarms, like faxes cannot communicate over digital lines.
    • Yes, if your alarm company uses cellular to connect your home.
      • Hence, today one should consider the cellular upgrade if they want the utmost efficiency in being relayed to their central office for protective services.

In conclusion, these are the most common questions we are asked when it comes to VoIP digital home phone technology. If we have missed anything, chat with a Hero or send us an email on the subject.

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