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“Unlimited internet, what every household needs today!”

Our mission as an unlimited internet service provider is to offer contract free, unlimited internet, to the residents of Ontario and Quebec. With Heroes located in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Gatineau. To compliment our high speed internet plans, we have added voice over IP, internet TV and Free to Air HDTV solutions to create the ideal low monthly cost package. Our goal is that you save on those absurd monthly fees enabled by your old cable or phone companies. We are simply better when it comes to accountable customer service and technical support as it is our core value to aid and assist our subscribers when it comes to the internet. The importance of the internet today is unmeasurable. We expect more from internet service providers, more assistance and more service! The Heroes at HeroNet are armed with an arsenal of solutions just for you. VoIP phone services with unlimited incoming calls reaching all corners of North America as a local call. With unlimited internet, TV streaming will quickly become a favourite pastime too. Stream TV directly through your internet connection for great international and local television at the push of a button. All on demand with no commercials. Finally, we suggest looking into Free to Air HDTV solutions. With low startup cost, you can access great primetime Canadian TV as well as US channels with no monthly cost. You won’t believe your eyes when you first see high definition TV in the best uncompressed HD quality yet.  All with a simple HDTV antenna plugged into your television.

Did you think ten years ago you would be looking to purchase unlimited internet from a service provider that could enable you to virtually cut your cost in half? When everything else seems to be getting expensive, we are the break in the pocket. If for some reason we feel that we are not the service provider for you, we will help you find your best option in the Canadian market for your unlimited internet needs. We strive to have 100% satisfied interactions, not just customers!

It’s high time we stand up to horrible customer service and high prices from internet service providers in the cable and telephone sector. We are in tune with technology and we are here to make sense of it for you, while insuring a great unlimited internet connection as your base to a great experience. Call a Hero today to get rolling with your unlimited internet plan, as well as all the free advice you can come to expect from this kind of service provider.

This internet service provider is also a proud network member of Openmedia

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Founded by Matthew Howard from Ottawa/Gatineau (Aylmer district) Quebec.