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Unlimited Internet Service Provider – “Here to save the day!”

Our mission as an internet service provider is to offer contract free, unlimited Internet plans with no fine print to the residents of Ontario and Quebec. Our Heroes are located in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Gatineau. They are on call 24/7 to assist in your technical needs. Our high speed unlimited internet service and stability is what we are most recognized for. Based on our subscriber’s requests, we have added cost effective voice over IP services, we also have Free to Air HDTV and IPTV streaming solutions. Our goal as internet service provider is that you save, not spend. We rise above when it comes to accountable customer service and technical support.

The Heroes at HeroNet are armed with an arsenal of solutions just for you.

  • We only offer unlimited internet service plans, that are contract free with no cancellation fee if you should ever choose to leave. In fact you might even be subject to a refund!
  • VoIP solutions are not only cost effective for a home phone, but make great North American long distance solutions. All our plans include all the main calling features including voicemail, voice 2 email, caller ID, call waiting and call display.
  • Free to Air HDTV is helping cable cutters find live Canadian Television content in the best HD quality you have yet to see. It’s free, it’s local and airs your favourite primetime TV shows as well as local and national news.
  • IPTV streaming devices is this internet service provider’s favourite internet pass time. Access your favourite Television streaming services such as Netflix, NHL, Crackle, MLB, USTVNOW and of course the ever so famous Kodi.
  • Hero for Hire is when you need reliable, at home assistance to cure all your technological woes with solutions ranging from your PC, TV and home automation and security. (select areas only)

It’s high time to stand up to horrible customer service and unfair high prices. We are in tune with technology and we are here to make sense of it for you. Call a Hero today to select your unlimited internet service plan, as well as all the free advice you can come to expect from this kind of service provider.

This internet service provider is also a proud network member of Openmedia and we donate on behalf of our subscribers to this cause every month. Join us in the fight for fair!

Here to save the day!


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