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Flawless unlimited high speed internet is the foundation to what we believe each home needs today here at HeroNet.

Our mission is to offer you a contract free, unlimited high speed internet, paired with VoIP and IPTV or Free to Air HDTV to cancel out your high monthly costs. The importance of the internet today is unmeasurable and that is why you should be expecting more from your Internet Service provider. At HeroNet, our Heroes are loaded with an arsenal of solutions, VoIP telephone with unlimited incoming calls that can reach all corners of North America as well as great international rates and call quality. With unlimited high speed internet, TV streaming is also becoming a staple in households, allowing for great international and local content available online for free. Finally, when combining all these service with Free to Air HDTV solutions, you can benefit from Canadian broadcasting in the best HD quality you have seen with a simple HDTV Antenna.

It’s high time we stand up to high prices and horrible customer service practices. We understand the challenges of fast evolving technology and we are here to make sense of it for you. Call one of our Heroes today to get some free advice.

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